Stonewall Inn Riots Happened 50 Years Ago. Mob. Gays. Bars. A Little Of Everything.

By Chung Wong / Posted on June 28, 2019

50 years ago today….the Stonewall Riots. Until 1970, it was legal to discriminate against gays and women at bars and restaurants in New York City. Women were banned from bartending (and drinking or eating at some places). Gays were banned from dancing, kissing or dating. That is why Stonewall Inn (which allowed dancing, dating and drinking) was raided by NYPD. The police wagon came late and crowds gathered to confront police frustrated by years of raids. Until 1966 sip-ins, it was also illegal to serve someone gay a drink. Many bars still banned women mid-1960s. Women in 1969 had sit-ins at public accommodations banning women from drinking or eating – at bars and hotels. The battle for equality took place at the bar.