Anthony Bourdain Worth $1.21M at Time of Death – Or Was He?

By Julia Marsh / Posted on July 5, 2018

The late TV chef Anthony Bourdain was worth just $1.21 million when he hanged himself last month, new legal filings revealed Thursday.

Previous estimates had pegged his fortune at $16 million.

Bourdain’s will leaves the bulk of his money to his 11-year-old daughter Ariane Busia-Bourdain and the control over his estate to her mother, his estranged wife Ottavia Busia-Bourdain. It was filed in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court.

His assets include $425,000 in “cash and savings,” $35,000 in a brokerage account, $250,000 and “personal property,” and $500,000 in “intangible property including royalties and residuals,” according to court papers.

The documents do not list the East 94th Street condo Bourdain bought with his then-wife in 2014, but the filings do indicate a $1 million mortgage liability for an unspecified property.

The will was written in 2016, shortly before Bourdain and Busia split. He was dating Italian actress Asia Argento when he committed suicide in a hotel room in France amid. He was 61.

The celebrity chef had been working on a new episode of his CNN show “Parts Unknown” at the time of his death.

Bourdain, who traveled the globe for his culinary adventure shows, gave his “accumulated frequent flier miles” to his wife. He asked her to “dispose of [them] in accordance with what [she] believes to have been my wishes,” he says in his will.

He left the same instructions for cars, furniture, books, clothing and other household items.

Ariane, his only child, is set to inherit the remainder of his assets. Had his daughter died before he did the money would have gone to her nanny, Myra Quizon, the will says.

The court will appoint a guardian to protect his young daughter’s interests in the estate because she’s a minor.

The estate’s attorney did not immediately return messages seeking comment.


Anthony Bourdain’s will surprised lots of people when it was revealed he died with around $1.2 mil in assets, because everyone thought he was way richer … turns out, he was.

We obtained a copy of Bourdain’s will, and it appears he created a trust outside the will which contained an undisclosed amount of assets. It’s very common for rich folk to create trusts outside of their will … partly for tax purposes and partly for privacy.
As we reported, the will discloses Bourdain left behind $425k in cash, $250k in personal property, $35k in brokerage accounts and around $500k in royalties and residuals.

The will lists Ottavia Busia-Bourdain, his estranged wife, as trustee. The will was signed in 2016, after they had separated.

Bourdain committed suicide last month in France.

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