By SHOTKIT / Posted on October 29, 2017

One thing I’m asked time and time again by photographers is “What is the best camera backpack?” Obviously ‘best’ is often a very subjective term, but I created this post nonetheless to show you my selection of favourites in the hope of uncovering the very best camera backpack for you.

One thing’s for sure – there’s no shortage of camera bags available in 2017. From a stylish leather camera backpack to a rugged outdoor one, the number on offer to photographers is quite overwhelming.

The best dslr backpack for one photographer will be quite different to that of the next, but I hope the short reviews below will help you make your next decision when choosing the right one for you.

Finding the Best Camera Backpack in 2017

Since there are so many cool camera bags on the market, I needed to keep this review concise whilst still remaining as comprehensive as possible.

Criteria used:

  1. Construction/Durability – the best camera backpack needs to be rugged and well-built to last your lifetime as a professional or amateur photographer.
  2. Looks – as photographers, we are conscious of the way things look. It’s hard to do camera backpack reviews without favouring the cool looking ones over those that are dull/boring. This is again, a very subjective factor, but nonetheless important.
  3. Design – by this I mean whether I deem the bag to function well for its purpose. Is it just a regular backpack with a camera insert for example, or has it been designed from the start as a dslr camera backpack.
  4. Value for Money – ‘Cost’ is obviously a large deciding factor for many when searching for the best camera backpack. However, since everyone’s budget is different, I chose to concentrate more on whether I deem the bag to represent good value for money. An expensive leather camera backpack may actually be good value, when you take into account the quality of the workmanship, for example.

Camera Backpack Reviews

So let’s dive straight into these reviews. You’ll find a mixture of the best camera backpacks from 2017, and others which have stood the test of time since their release several years ago.

After all, the product doesn’t need to be brand new to be branded the best camera backpack of 2017.

I’ll be adding to this list of camera backpack reviews whenever I come across a bag that’s worthy, so keep checking back to find the latest additions.

If you have any recommendations that meet the criteria outlined above, leave them in the comments below so we can all benefit.

And with that, let’s take a look at what you should be putting on your backs this year…

The Best Camera Backpack?

LowePro Tactic 350 AW

I added a question mark after ‘best camera backpack’ since the term ‘best’ is so subjective, but having said that, this LowePro Tactic 350 AW is definitely up there as one of the most popular backpacks for photographers available in 2017.

Have a quick glance at the hundreds of raving 5 star reviews on Amazon – it’s clear that this camera bag has a legion of happy fans, but what is it exactly that makes the LowePro Tactic AW so good? At first glance, it looks just like your average everyday backpack for travelling. However, inside you’ll be able to store away all your camera gear with ease.

The stealthy looks of this good looking backpack no doubt attract photographers who are more interested in remaining undercover than being seen as someone carrying thousands of dollars of expensive gear.

The webbing running across the front of the LowePro Tactic 350 AW seem to have been inspired by the special forces, and serve to give the backpack unrivalled strength, as well as providing over 50 attachment options!

Affordable Camera Backpack

Evecase Classic Canvas Laptop Backpack

Evecase is a lesser-known dSLR camera bag manufacturer, but it’s one that should be on your radar.

Anyone who wants the great looks of the more established brands out there but can’t justify the price tag, the Evecase Classic Canvas Laptop Backpack is an decent substitute.

Actually, ‘decent’ is a bit of an understatement, judging by over 150 positive customer reviews of the camera bag on Amazon! The Evecase Classic Canvas Laptop Backpack clearly offers much more than just good looks.

Featuring an adjustable interior which can hold a pro camera body, 2-5 lenses, up to a 14” laptop, tripod, and plenty of other photography accessories, this affordable dSLR backpack has a discreet appearance that won’t stand out as a camera bag whilst you travel.