Betting On The Oscars – How To Make Some Dough

By Greg Treadway / Posted on February 9, 2012

Of course you can bet on the Oscars at ($200 Max. Bet – Listed in Exotic Bets) GT Bets Sportsbook ($50 Max Win Amount), or Bodog Sportsbook (Large variety of Oscars bets – some very humorous like “Who Will Cry..”) or DSI Sportsbook. Bet Limits rise closer to Oscars Awards night.

Also check out: for a great place to check the odds and most every conceivable place to put down any money on the Oscars. I must admit I have done this now for several years running starting in 2007.

In 2007 I got heavily involved in online poker that year and even made a substantial run at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. I found the whole poker thing very addictive as I did in my youth when I often found myself sitting around a card table smoking cigars and drinking till all hours of the morning. As I came closer to the World Series in 2008 after a year of straight poker playing two things happened. My wife thought I was becoming delusional for one thing. She was convinced that I was spending too much money playing and losing and she thought I was kidding myself that online games would ever lead to anything in the real world. Much less a chance at winning $10 million in a poker tournament. The truth is I was doing a fantastic job winning online tournament after tournament and on two occasions had only slightly been beaten out at winning a free ticket to the Las Vegas event. The second thing that had more of an affect was a scandal that broke at Full Tilt Poker dot com which is where I was playing. There was an argument with the U.S. government that summer over monetary transactions with banks and offshore betting companies. You see, playing poker online for money is illegal in the United States. Getting your money into an account had become relatively hassle free by going through some third party banking facilities. Downloading your winnings back into your bank account became impossible in the summer of 2008 thanks to the U.S. and many people including me lost a lot of money when our accounts were shut down in a sting operation. I lost a few thousand dollars of winnings. I had considered myself lucky all the same. Before the sting I had been regularly downloading winnings on a regular basis and made a tidy sum that year. But due to my increasing skill and luck in the final few weeks coming closer to that elusive ticket to the World Series of Poker I won thousands. And when the bubble burst I lost those thousands to thin air. I read a story shortly after that of some college kid who had been playing 23 1/2 hours a day or something silly and he lost over $50,000 on Full Tilt, that’s why I consider myself lucky. What I missed more than anything was the chance at further opportunity to go the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. But with my spirit broken due to the site and the constant lack of encouragement from my wife, I just couldn’t continue playing. I’ve found through the years that I need positive reinforcement.Now, don’t ask me why the government hasn’t cracked down on sportsbetting like they did on online poker. I’m not that smart to have an answer. I don’t know if it’s because of Las Vegas, the internet rules, sports, or the mob. I’m sure they’ll get around to it, of that I have no doubt. And, no the Oscars certainly aren’t considered sports by any means. That’s just what they call virtually all betting – sports betting. You can bet on just about anything if you have money. The trick is still to get your money out – they make it pretty easy to get your money into the system, it’s just getting it out that becomes an issue.

I think I bet on the Oscars for the same reason people bet on sports. It makes the whole thing a little more vested. For years my wife, Kelly, and I held an annual Oscar party. The kind of party that yuppie couples host. We did it before the days of the internet and before the days of big party themes that have now become so popular. We would invite everyone we knew, which was quite an eclectic bunch of folks, we’d print out ballots and make everyone mark their picks and then switch papers like they make you do in Middle School to grade your neighbor’s paper. It was the only party we threw all year long and people really seemed to look forward to the party too. We even had a neighbor construct some 7 foot tall Oscar statues that we would display. It truly looked as if we had copped them from the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. They are very cool. I still have them today.There was always one drawback to the parties we threw. You see, the Oscars use to be held on Monday night. That’s right. All of our party goers were always late for work the next day. Nowadays the Oscars aren’t any more convenient. They’re held on Sunday night. Don’t they realize that people have to work the next day? Academy, if you’re reading this, please switch the night to Friday evenings so I can start having my parties again!! Now instead of competing against my friends in a gentle competition I have to get my thrill through professional gambling sites, illegally at that. I hope to bring the party back and I highly suggest you go to one should you be invited. It’s much more rewarding than seeking the thrill online. Either way I urge you to play. And, the winner is…