Apple Unveils Series 4 Smartwatch; new safety and fitness tracking features

You may not have been invited to the annual Apple event this year, but you can still get excited about all that was unveiled—like the new Apple Watch Series 4. Runners will especially like the upgrades in the latest edition of the popular smartwatch. From the announcement, the display is noticeably larger (30 percent larger for its smallest iteration, to be exact), but remains slim and lightweight so it shouldn’t be bulky on your run. The exact display specifications at your disposal are 40mm and 44mm, giving you more space for the additional app capabilities the Series 4 offers, as well as the new interface options. But Read More

How to Breathe While Running: What You Should Change

In my early days as a runner, I, like most, didn’t give any thought to my breathing. But after dealing with several injuries, I went digging into physiology research to find a solution to my predicament. Eventually I came across an article called “Breath Play,” by Ian Jackson, a coach and distance runner, which related breathing cycles with running cadence. Later I found a study by Dennis Bramble, Ph.D., and David Carrier, Ph.D., of the University of Utah, explaining that the greatest impact stress of running occurs when one’s footstrike coincides with the beginning of an exhalation. This means that if you begin to exhale every time Read More

America’s Complicated Relationship with Exercise Revealed in Charts

We all already know that America, as a country, is pretty inactive. Not nearly enough of us exercise nearly as often as we should. But talking about averages in a country as populous and diverse as the U.S. is also kind of meaningless—the “average” adult doesn’t really exist. According to new data from the Centers for Disease Control, only about 23 percent of all U.S. adults get the recommended amount of exercise per week. That’s 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise, plus two bouts of muscle-strengthening exercise. Researchers have been collecting detailed data about these recommended levels of activity since 2008 as part of the Healthy Read More

The Best UK Half Marathons For 2018: When And How To Register

Edinburgh Half Marathon Next event: 27th May 2018 Like the Bath Half, the Edinburgh Half marathon caters for both casual runners and PB-hunters with a fast course that’s laden with landmarks, including Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and the oldest golf course in the world. £34, St Albans Half Marathon Next event: 10th June 2018 If you prefer to cover 21.1km at a more stately pace but still want the atmosphere of a big event, this might be the event for you because the St Albans Half has both walking and running options. Its fairly hilly route heads into the countryside before returning to St Albans Read More

How to Reduce Body Fat in 12 Easy Steps – Start Today; See Results

The perfect six-pack is not a myth. In fact, you already own it – it’s just hiding under belly fat. And since you can’t spot-reduce fat in specific areas (whatever you might have heard from a dodgy PT or the Internet), the key to losing belly fat is reducing your overall body fat percentage. The magic number is 10% to put your abs centre stage, but there are myriad health benefits to lowering your body fat percentage. Firstly – and quite simply – you will live longer. The higher your body fat percentage, the lower your life expectancy. Being overweight or obese significantly increases your chance of Read More


The Alaska Airlines Bay to Breakers is one of the world’s oldest and most festive footraces. In 1906, San Francisco was hit by a devastating earthquake but San Franciscans, with their signature enterprising spirit, immediately started rebuilding and the city hosted events to lift morale. One of these events, the Cross City Race, took 121 runners from the northeast end of town near the present day The Embarcadero (the “bay” side of the city) to the west end of the city and the “breakers” of Ocean Beach. Renamed Bay to Breakers to reflect its traditional course, this 12K race has maintained a celebratory spirit since its humble Read More

The Barkley Marathons – 100 Mile Run: Something You Want To Try?

The Barkley course was designed by Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell. His idea for the race was inspired upon hearing about the 1977 escape of James Earl Ray, the assassinof Martin Luther King Jr., from nearby Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary. Ray covered only 8 miles (13 km) after running 55 hours in the woods. Cantrell said to himself, “I could do at least 100 miles”, mocking Ray’s low mileage. Thus, the Barkley Marathons was born. Cantrell named the race for his longtime neighbor and running companion, Barry Barkley. It was first run in 1986. The Barkley is limited to 40 runners, and usually fills up quickly the day registration Read More

Should You Blame Your Genes for Losing Muscle as You Age?

You likely already know that genetics significantly influence who you are. They mold your unique qualities that ultimately determine your thoughts, behavioral patterns, and of course, appearance. But can your genes also influence how quickly you lose muscle mass over time?Although everyone gradually loses muscle with aging, some people are genetically predisposed to lose it faster and easier, and starting at an earlier age, explains Julie Chen, MD, chief clinical officer at Vitagene, a DNA-based health and wellness personalization platform. Sarcopenia, which is the loss of muscle mass because of aging, often occurs as a result of lower levels of growth hormones, such as testosterone, and difficulties Read More

Applications for New York Marathon were at an all-time high for 2017

Anxious runners from around the world huddled near their phones and computers this year to find out if they’d been selected to run the 2017 New York City Marathon, which will take place on November 5. This year, the world’s largest 26.2 received the largest number of registration applicants in its 47-year history.   98,247: The total number of runners who applied for the free, non-guaranteed drawing. NYRR stopped charging to enter the drawing this year after settling a lawsuit last fall against the former lottery selection process. 20 percent: The increase in applicants to the drawing compared to 2016. 16,211: The number of runners who will get a Read More


While one person who eats like a teen does not put on a single pound while for many people, even a little indulgence does not leave him/her unpunished – shows immediately on the scale. This is the most discussed topic when one is trying to lose weight. So, what seems to be the most possible answer for this? It’s the metabolism of an individual. Every individual has a different body composition, hence a different metabolism. Energy needed by the body to survive and function comes from the food that we eat. The process by which our body converts food to energy is known as Metabolism. Metabolism impacts Read More