Atlanta Food Truck Park & Event Center

The Atlanta Food Truck Park & Event Center is a an everyday place to come together as a community and experience food and drink, browse local art, pick up local fresh produce, have a picnic with their family, laugh with your coworkers, throw the frisbee, play bocce ball, and pick out your Christmas tree or pumpkins. The Atlanta Food Truck Park & Event Center is for you. We have rehabilitated an old hotel site that has been sitting vacant and is a key piece of property within the community. The site will evolve with the seasons and provide a place for you and your family to enjoy. Read More

Drink Time: Enjoy The Under-Rated Apple Martini

This is a cocktail with a kick and addictively delicious. I have to say it is enormously useful as a quick shot of party spirit before you go to someone else’s party. I always feel better the next day, having a stiff drink before and water (sparkling rather than still but, hey, let’s live a little) during a party. Although it is a sour apple martini, at home I refer it only as Kryptonite. The lurid green is quite something. I’ve given quantities per glass simply because it’s better made up glass by glass and you can hand them round to your guests as they request them. Read More

Searching For The Best Steak In New York City

Kept alive by nearly two centuries of chewing carnivores, the New York City steakhouse defiantly broils on. Classic steakhouses, like Peter Luger and Keens, enjoy a certain amount of stability not common in the current dining climate, where even the most exciting chef-driven small plates tasting counters last about as long as the Edison bulbs that light their communal bathroom foyers. Many of these meat mongers have histories as well marbled as the aged cuts they serve, often extending back into the 19th and early 20th centuries. Taking their cues from the gregarious man-and-meat gatherings known as beefsteak socials, these old guard chophouses almost always feature dark Read More

The Essential Atlanta Restaurants in 2017

“Can you recommend a restaurant?” This highly elite group covers the entire city (inside the perimeter, loosely), spans myriad cuisines, and collectively satisfies all of your restaurant needs. Every couple of months, we’ll be adding pertinent restaurants that were omitted, have newly become eligible (restaurants must be open at least six months), or have stepped up their game. New additions to the list, mapped north to south, are 8 Arm, Cakes & Ale,Desta Ethiopian Kitchen, and Poor Hendrix. 1 O4W Pizza The location has changed, but Anthony Spina is still serving up his famous Grandma Pie. The pizzeria is no longer in its namesake neighborhood, residing in the former Read More

Want to Go into the Food-Truck Business? Start on eBay

If you’re thinking about starting a food-truck business, you’re not alone. Grabbing a meal from a kitchen on wheels has swept the nation. Somehow a gourmet Cuban sandwich or Korean BBQ plate tastes better when delivered through a sliding glass window. eBay Motors is on top of the food truck trend with many vehicles on tap, some of them already fully functional and others showing a lot of potential—and novelty value. A 1968 Citroën AX HY Van would certainly make a unique platform for grab-and-go nouvelle cuisine, n’est-ce pas? It’s here on eBay Motors. In this case, when customers say, “Pass the Grey Poupon,” you’ll be ready to oblige. Read More