Summer of Love: History and 50th Anniversary

A social phenomenon has hit the streets of San Francisco to celebrate an anniversary of 50 years. The city’s tribute to the infamous “Summer of Love” kicked off on June 21st in Golden Gate Park with a free concert featuring 60’s performers such as members of Jefferson Airplane. The original 1967 event is noted as symbolizing the city’s free spirit and counterculture atmosphere. Summer of Love: History and 50th Anniversary During the spring and summer of 1967 close to 100,000 hippies and flower children converged in San Francisco’s neighborhood, Haight-Ashbury. They were there to change the world and influence popular culture with a new style of music Read More

Perfect Sleeve Tattoos for Guys With Style

A sleeve tattoo can often be described as a combination or collection of various designs strategically placed on an individuals arm or leg to form one seemingly continuous work. However, sleeves can also be composed of a single continuous pattern or color. The terms tattoo sleeve, full sleeve, half sleeve, etc. are generic terms given to tattoo designs covering the arm or leg in a close-knit pattern resembling that of a sleeve. The validity of this term is occasionally brought into question but has gained wider acceptance over the years, especially since the dawn of the internet age. “Full sleeve” is just a tad bit catcher and descriptive than searching the web Read More

Renovated 1950s Family Home in Texas Brings Style To The Era

Originally a dark, wood-paneled and closed-off space, this home in Dallas was purchased by Ryan and Paulette Bock, who had big plans in mind. The typical 1950s layout wasn’t conducive to their lifestyle, so they prepared for a full remodel. “We were determined to turn this midcentury-style home into something unique,” Paulette says. Comfort and ease were vital for this fun-loving and laid-back couple. “I like things that make me feel good, and that is really what drove the design,” she says. So with Ryan serving as the general contractor, and with the help of architect and friend Keith Weik, the two created their dream home. Read Read More