Creep Around Inside Mike Tyson’s Deserted 1980s Mansion

By MESSYNESSY / Posted on June 24, 2019

Between 1985, when he made his professional debut at age 18, to his retirement two decades later, Mike Tyson made up to $400 million, demanding $30 million for a single fight at his peak. He led a high-flying lifestyle, buying mansions, cars and Bengal tigers at the drop of a hat. In 2004, Tyson filed for bankruptcy. He was $23 million in debt, owing the U.S. and British governments $17 million in taxes, three-quarters of a million dollars to seven law firms and $300,000 for limo services. Tyson owned this 5-bedroom, 60 acre property with an indoor pool, basket ball court and on-site tiger cages. It was no doubt to some very wild parties. Tyson lost ownership of it in the late 1990s, when a shifty entrepreneur by the name of Paul Monea who produced workout tapes starring Billy Blanks. He never lived in the mansion and tried to resell it on eBay of all places in 2005. Paul Monea was later arrested for drug related charges and the house fell into the hands of the authorities. By this time, however, the house was already deteriorating from neglect and vandalism, when urban explorers paid a visit with their tripod and camera in 2007. Today the house is no longer abandoned and a private owner now maintains the home. Still, it’s fascinating to get a glimpse into the aftermath of one of the most sensational falls from grace in celebrity history…

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