Exciting Things to Do in Ireland – Not TO BE MISSED

By CRAZY TOURIST / Posted on October 6, 2017

Ireland is by far one of the most interesting travel destinations to visit in all of Europe. It’s a country that’s packed with a majestic history, vibrant culture, and natural beauty.

And no matter what you decide to do on your Ireland adventure, every destination you head to will captivate, surprise, and inspire the curious traveler. A trip to this wonderful Celtic island will prove to be worthwhile because there’s so much to see and do.

On one hand, there are bustling cities to explore, each representing everything that is urban and loud. Shoppers, foodies, and arts and culture lovers will find much delight in cosmopolitan destinations like Dublin, Cork, and Galway.

And on the other hand, for those who are looking to take a trip away from the hustle and bustle of city-living, steering off the beaten path will lead to stretches of desolate grasslands dotted with glacial lakes, breathtaking sea cliffs plummeting into the Atlantic, and ancient castles overlooking great sceneries.

With all that Ireland has to offer, it may be a bit daunting when trying to plan for a vacation. So, if you don’t have a clue of where to start, here are the best things to do in Ireland.

1. Take a Cruise on the River Shannon

First on this list is a boat cruise through River Shannon that no explorer should miss out on. River Shannon is the longest river in the island, and it snakes its way from the slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain all the way down to Limerick City where the river meets the sea.

The most navigable parts are from Limerick to the Lower Lough Erne in Northern Ireland.

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a boating cruise on the Shannon.

Lovely scenes along the 500km of waterway will be the highlight of your entire trip.

The most popular routes are from Portumna to Carrick, where you can also rent boats of all sizes. For those who want to prolong their river adventure, many more hidden gems can be found further north.

2. Explore Ancient Irish Castles

What better way to go back in time and learn about ancient Ireland than visiting the many castles that are scattered across the country? Each fortress has a story to tell and a song to sing.

To start your castle adventure, stop by Dublin Castle in the capital for guided tours that will take you to the State Apartments where presidential inaugurations have taken place. You can also visit the Chapel Royal, which is simply exotic with its fine décor.

For tourists who want to experience what it is like to stay in a real castle, why not book a suite at the Ashford Castle in County Cong too? Although this fortress dates back to 1228, the castle doesn’t disappoint with its luxurious 5-star service.

Apart from staying in castles, there’s also something for those in search of medieval fortresses that are shrouded in legend and folklore. For instance, legend has it that Blarney Castle, which is home to the infamous Blarney Stone, will give the “gift of gab” to anyone who bends over backward to kiss this ancient Scottish piece of rock.

Alternatively, you can visit the Rock of Cashel, which is the medieval castle on the hill that’s said to have been spitted out by the devil.