Garage Find: 1972 AMC Gremlin – A Lost Classic

By Jeff Lavery / Posted on May 26, 2018

This 1972 AMC Gremlin wears awesome period colors and some upgraded Rally wheels on new tires. The seller notes it’s been in long-term garage storage and has some rust issues as a result, but overall is a decent driver for just $3,900 or best offer. This model features the rare pop-out windows and the 258 six-cylinder mill. Find it here on eBay in Connecticut. 

The chrome bumpers remain in nice shape, as does the rear hatch glass and taillight lenses. The paint is certainly tired, but it’s such a great color, who cares? The listing includes photos of when it was first removed and the 14″ tires and wheels are a much-needed upgrade over the stock rollers. The period roof rack is also a very cool (and must-keep) feature.

The interior is surprisingly decent for a long-stored car, with a clean and potentially uncracked dash, clear gauges, nice door panels and no major alterations from stock, aside from a more modern head unit. The mileage is listed as a hair over 53,000, and while not confirmed by the seller, the interior looks clean enough for that number to be correct.

The 258 ci inline-six is by no means exotic. It’s a workhorse, but a dependable one, although the seller has not attempted to start it. It’s an ideal engine for a car like the AMC, which is often thought of in the same fashion. The Gremlin has some minor rust repair needs, but not nearly as bad as the seller seemed to illustrate in his listing; take a look at the eBay photos and let us know if you think this Gremlin is worth saving.

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