Little Bobby Wilson

By Greg Treadway / Posted on December 22, 2012

Little Bobby Wilson lies awake in bed, worrying about tomorrow. Tomorrow is his first day of attending a new school. Because of his father’s job, Bobby and his family were forced to relocate to Fort Worth, Texas. And, ever since the move, Bobby has been worrying about the first day at his new school.

Bobby’s nerves were so frazzled at one point that his parents took him to a psychiatrist. After weeks of treatment, he finally told the doctor what he was afraid would happen on that first day. Bobby explained that he had been repeatedly having an awful dream. It started off normally enough with Bobby waking up, then walking to school. But, once at the school, he would discover that he stepped out of the house completely nude and that, now, the whole student body was pointing and laughing at him, never offering to help. Upon hearing this, the doctor explained to Bobby that it was just a dream and that there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

Weeks of therapy passed and it looked as though Bobby Wilson had triumphed over his fear of arriving at the school in the buff. He stopped seeing the psychiatrist. Even his parents’ minds had been put at ease.

Then, as the final days of summer drew to an end, Bobby started having the dream again. The dream stayed on Bobby’s mind constantly until he wasn’t able to sleep at night in fear of having it again. Now, at 2:37 a.m., he sits on the edge of his bed, fretting over what will go wrong tomorrow and wondering if he will be able to remember to get dressed.

Dawn approaches. Unable to sleep, little Bobby carefully chooses the clothes he will wear to his new school. He lays each garment neatly out on the bed. He first decides on the green pull-over shirt that Aunt Blanche and Uncle Joe gave him for Christmas. He then get his faded Levis with the hole in the left knee, his Spiderman Underoos, a pair of white socks, and his favorite pair of white sneakers. He waits for sunrise.

Morning. 7:00 a.m. Little Bobby Wilson takes a shower, drys and combs his hair––gets dressed––and goes downstairs for breakfast. His mom fixes him a special meal of hot cakes and bacon. Bobby eats. At 7:30 a.m., he heads out for school. It’s not too far––only about two-tenths of a mile. On his way, he wonders about the day ahead and, overcome with fear, stops to cry against an oak tree.

Bobby makes it to school, though. The day passes quietly by and he doesn’t even get any homework from his new teachers. The relief that Bobby feels is incredible. He races home to tell his mother of his joy.

Once home, he runs in, slams the front door, and darts into the living room. The Fort Worth Women’s Club–of which Bobby’s mother, along with thirty other women, is a member–is there sipping mocha and munching on cookies Mrs. Wilson made earlier in the day. Bobby notices that his new found friends Sue, Billy and Chuck are there, too. Stunned, Bobby feels a draft engulfing his body. He looks down and discovers that he is quite naked. His screams pierce the air.

Little Bobby Wilson now resides at the Meadowville Mental Health Institutute. He likes to play with red blocks.

Text by Greg Treadway


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