Perfect Sleeve Tattoos for Guys With Style

By Ben Snide / Posted on September 8, 2017

A sleeve tattoo can often be described as a combination or collection of various designs strategically placed on an individuals arm or leg to form one seemingly continuous work. However, sleeves can also be composed of a single continuous pattern or color.

The terms tattoo sleeve, full sleeve, half sleeve, etc. are generic terms given to tattoo designs covering the arm or leg in a close-knit pattern resembling that of a sleeve. The validity of this term is occasionally brought into question but has gained wider acceptance over the years, especially since the dawn of the internet age. “Full sleeve” is just a tad bit catcher and descriptive than searching the web for “full arm piece tattoos.” Most contemporary artists have accepted the term and regularly use it.

Sleeve tattoos are sometimes planned, but often the result of one tattoo leading to another, then another, and so on and so forth. As most of you with ink will attest to, tattoo are addicting! Let’s take a look at some awesome examples of sleeve tattoos on men.