Porsche Launches Monthly Subscription Service In Atlanta

By TASNIM SHAMMA / Posted on October 15, 2017

If you’re in the mood for a Porsche, you can now book its sports cars and SUVs on-demand in Atlanta using a mobile app.

Atlanta is the first city in the pilot program called Porsche Passport, which be available here in November.

Campbell Boulanger

The program is a monthly subscription service where for $2,000 a month you can access eight different models during the month and receive “white-glove delivery service.” For $3,000 a month drivers would have on-demand access to 22 Porsche models and have it delivered to any metro-Atlanta location.

Industry Trends 

President and CEO of Porsche North America Klaus Zellmer said while the auto industry overall is taking a hit, Porsche has seen its sales increase each year.

“We’re not doing it to sell more cars only,” Zellmer said. “We’re actually doing it to pilot something that we think will become more important in the future when we talk about future customers, target groups that will actually expect a different ownership experience when it comes to flexibility, simplicity and convenience.”

Future Car Use

Zellmer said if it does undercut sales and its business model, the company would discontinue the program. Other auto manufacturers have launched similar programs. Earlier this year, Cadillac launched a $1,500-a-month contract-free monthly subscription service in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

“All this goes back to us looking into society trends and us saying, well there is actually a target group out there, who’s not so much interested in owning a car, but using a car,” Zellmer said. “This target group from our perspective also is interested in not using just one car of our range, they want to use many cars. Not at the same time, but they want the flexibility to change over.”

Zellmer said it is more expensive than leasing a Porsche, but that’s because subscribers can decide at any time to switch between models and have the new car delivered to them anywhere in metro-Atlanta.