Screenplay Repository & Resources

By Greg Treadway / Posted on February 2, 2012


All of us in the writing business want to sell the great American screenplay or novel. So where do you go to learn? First of all you need to read a lot of screenplays. One great resource for free downloadable texts is Inflow’s Screenplay Repository. There you’ll find screenplays like Resevoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, This is Spinal Tap, 2001 A Space Odessey and many more. Another doable resource is Simply Scripts. And of course if you’re willing to pay and actually buy the scripts to hold in your hand like I like to do there’s always Drew’s Script-O-Rama.


I would be remiss if I did not mention Robert McKee. He of course is the writer behind Story. His seminars are legendary and so is his book. I have read the book by the way. The seminar is highlighted in the movie Adaptation with Nicolas Cage. If you have not seen it, rent it, you’ll be pleased you did. McKee holds his seminar in New York every October but he’s getting up there in age and he can’t keep it up much longer. I think he holds one in L.A. every March. So if you’re game get to a seminar in the next couple of years.There is still nothing that compares to sheer reading though. That’s the best tool and best advice that I can give.