Sexuality & Creative Process: Why One Is Good For The Other

By K. Ferlic / Posted on March 30, 2019

Creation at any level of being is about a flow of energy. Without a flow of energy to animate the creation, there is nothing to observe. Everything remains the same. The generation of the energy needed for creation/Creation occurs through a creative process that can be seen as a sexual process. That is, the interaction between a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect is what gives rise to the energy of creation/Creation. Human sexuality is only one from of this creative process and is a form of the process specially directed toward creating and sustaining human physical life.

The issue is sexuality and the creative process

The issue we face relative to experiencing the creative process as a sexual process is that human sexuality is probably the most powerful experience our mind has with using the creative process to create. That is, most humans engage in the creative process of creating human offspring. Or, if we don’t engage or have not engaged in creating offspring, we are aware of the sexuality influences in our body related to creating such offspring. Human sexuality is the most significant and clear demonstration any human being has with the creative process to create a new life.

Because of how our body senses energy and how our mind characterizes the energy we experience any creative endeavor in which we engage can give rise to feelings of sexuality and be interpreted by our mind and the need or desire for a sexual experience. As such, our mind will quite naturally characterize it awareness of the creative process as a sexual process and probably as a sexual experience. There is nothing wrong with this. The issue arises when we get diverted by sexuality of the experience as opposed to staying with the flow of energy.

Most only feel the sexuality of the creative process for a particular creative endeavor when our bodies are enthused with a flow of energy giving rise to the creation that enthuses our sexual organs. The question here is, “How or why is the creative process seen and experienced as a sexual process.” The answer is, sex in the form of a division between a masculine and feminine function, is inherent to all of Creation.

The overall creative process

To manifest any creation, there needs to be a flow of energy to give rise and sustain the creation. For energy to flow there need to be a separation between to complements. That is, two parts or component which together make a whole. Complement are not necessarily opposites but they can be. For example, a positive charge and an negative change are both complements and opposites. Together they make a whole. Similarly, a nut and a bolt can be seen as complements but not opposites. Together the nut and bolt together make a fastener. Separate they exist whole unto themselves but yet are incomplete in their function unless they are joined with their complement.

Creativity, the components we are talking about are more like a nut and bolt in that they are whole unto themselves but yet nether is complete in its function without the other. Energy consciousness, the material of creation is like the combined nut and bold. Together then may the whole. However each can be seen as existing separately and complete as a energy and consciousness much like a separated nut and bolt. Yet, it is only in the joining with the other are the complements complete in their function and in wholeness in all ways.

In addition to each being seen as whole and complete unto themselves, they can also be seen as having a attraction for each other like a positive and negative change. Here, rather than calling one positive or negative, they are better described as masculine and feminine because of their function The masculine function is held by consciousness is what thrusts into cause a creation to come into existence. Energy is seen as the feminine for it forms itself into the desired creation and nurtures the creation in that it supplies the flow of energy to animate the creation.

What is different about these creative components energy and consciousness is that they are unlike positive and negative change particles in one respect. Charge particles contain an inherent attractive and repulsive aspect. That is, positive charges always attract negative changes and repel other positive charges. Similarly, negative charges always attract positive charges and repel negative charges. Each, positive and negative will always be positive or negative. They never change their charge.

What is important here is that when two like charges and close together and there is a repulsive forces which pushed the like charges apart. In doing so, energy is transformed from a potential form into energy in motion. Or it can be said a flow of energy is created which pushes the like charges apart. Similarly when unlike charges are apart, the is an attraction which pulls the unlike charges together. Again, a potential of energy is created into energy of motion or it can be said a flow of energy is created pulling the unlike charges together.

Energy and consciousness are different for they can be seen to change their attractiveness and repulsiveness. The attractiveness and repulsiveness is determined by consciousness for the role of consciousness in the creative process is to become the cause. When consciousness chooses to become dissatisfied with what is for whatever reason it may have, it can be seen to create a repulsive force which pushes it apart from what is, that is, the existing form of energy. That repulsive force causes the existing form of energy to begin to dissolve and create a flow of energy which flows toward, or into, what consciousness desires. In this sense the repulsive force of dissatisfaction turns into the attractive force of desires. As the consciousness moves to experiencing what is desires as a result of the flow of energy it creates, the energy get dissipated in the experience of the desire and becomes available for the next creation. It begins to flow into a new creation when consciousness again becomes dissatisfied with what is. This process creates and eternal ebb and flow of energy into and out of form as determined by consciousness.

The dissatisfaction with what is will be experienced by consciousness as a feeling of separation from what it desires and the desire to reconnect will be experienced as a longing of some type. Yet, all that consciousness is experiencing is simply a choice as to how it focuses its attention and awareness. As such, consciousness creates a illusion of mind thinking and believing that something other than what is will give it an inner satisfaction.

In any case, as consciousness pushes apart and separates itself from what is, a flow of energy is generated. Similarly, as it desires to recombine with what it desires a flow of energy is generated. The experience of these flows of energy is the experience of creation/Creation. It is the dance of separation and recombination is what sustains Creation. There is a continual ebb and flow of energy into a form only go dissolve into the formless to manifest a new creation. Separation is what gives rise to a creation and the rejoining is the return to the source/Source for a new creation/Creation to be experienced.

The thrusting outward by consciousness to create a creation in its dissatisfaction or in the longing found in desires is the masculine aspect of the creative process. The energy flowing into the desired creation and sustaining the creation is the feminine aspect. Alternatively said, the attraction and/or the desire of the masculine (consciousness) for the feminine (a particular form of energy) can be seen as the separation and the pull to come together generating a flow of energy which gives rise to, and or, sustains the creation which is experienced as the desire is being fulfilled. This push and pull and the associated flow of energy can be experienced by us as a sexual attraction of some type and kind within our being.

The experience of most individuals with the creative process is not to the level of detail described here. When their mind experiences the push and pull of their consciousness they simply experience dissatisfaction, longing, desires, separation, feelings they like and feelings they dislike, pain, pleasure and of course, sexuality.

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