Tinder Couple Meeting was ‘Fate’; Born on the Same Day in the Same Hospital

By Hattie Gladwell / Posted on April 20, 2018

A couple who discovered they were born on the same day in the same hospital while chatting on Tinder believe that fate set them on the path to wedded bliss. Jamie Frantz Burkett and Anthony Burkett celebrated their wedding on Saturday, 25 years after they were born seven hours apart on the same maternity ward on January 14, 1993.

The couple went on their first date back in 2015, after meeting on Tinder and exchanging phone numbers.

When Anthony text Jamie his email also popped up on her screen, which ended with the numbers 11493, the same date as Jamie’s birthday.

That’s when the couple then worked out they had once crossed paths in East Jefferson Hospital on the day they were both born. Anthony, from Loranger, Louisiana, USA, entered the world at 11.35am and Jamie, from Nandeville, was born later that day at 6pm. The couple said the act of fate prompted them to go on their first date where they also discovered they were both left-handed. Jamie said: ‘We had been chatting on Tinder for a week or two and we exchanged numbers. ‘Sometimes when you get a text a person’s email comes up and I noticed Anthony’s email finished with the numbers 11493, which is my birthday.

‘I was really curious to see if we had the same birthday, so I asked and he said, “That’s my birthday too!” ‘It was really surreal. We’re from towns that are about 20 miles apart, so I asked him what hospital he was born in and he said East Jefferson. I said, “No way! That’s where I was born too.” ‘The connection definitely pushed me to meet him and we agreed to go on a date. ‘It was a really great first date, the time just flew by. ‘But while we were having dinner I realized that he was holding his fork in his left hand like me.

‘As well as being born on the same day in the same hospital, we are both left-handed too.’ Anthony added: ‘It’s a heck of a situation to find yourself in. ‘When we figured it out it was really surreal.’ The pair said their parents could not believe the coincidence and desperately tried to recall one another. Jamie said: ‘Our parents were blown away when we told them. ‘Everybody was trying to remember if they saw one another that day. ‘Anthony and I were probably in the nursery together.

‘The first birthday we celebrated as a couple was so exciting. ‘I grew up with twin brothers and I was always a little bit jealous they got to share their birthday, so now I have my chance.’ Jamie and Anthony, who are totally head over heels for one another, got married last weekend in their local church Our Lady Of the Lakes. They believe that fate has brought them together – and can’t wait to begin their life together when they return from their honeymoon in Barbados.

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H/T: The Metro